Charges against some suspects have been dropped in the Kevin Quick murder investigation.
Quick, a Waynesboro police reserve captain, was last seen January 31 leaving his mother’s residence in Afton. He was reported missing on February 1. Quick’s body was found in a wooded area in Goochland County on February 6.

The charges Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton were facing in connection with the Quick murder investigation have been dropped for now. They were originally arrested for having Quick's stolen Toyota 4Runner. 

NBC29's legal analyst Lloyd Snook says the charges being dropped is likely related to jurisdiction.

"Prosecutors hate to try cases piecemeal so they're going to try them on the murder case in Goochland - whoever the murder case is going to be it's going to be in Goochland where the body was found. They don't want to try the larceny case in Louisa and the murder case in Goochland," Snook said.

Charges against Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton associated with a shooting on February 2 – Super Bowl Sunday – in Louisa County were certified to the grand jury Tuesday.

Shantai Shelton, who was arrested on an outstanding warrant, had unrelated poisoning charges certified to the grand jury.

Louisa Commonwealth's Attorney Rusty McGuire says that the suspects could still face the charges on the 4Runner, maybe from a different jurisdiction.

McGuire also pointed out the investigation is ongoing and more charges could be on the way.

Four other suspects are still facing charges in relation to Quick’s death. Leslie Casterlow, Anthony Stokes, Jr., Anthony White and Halisi Uhuru (also known as Girt Wright) are still facing one charge each of felony gang participation in connection with Quick's death and are due in Goochland County General District Court on May 19.