A 34-year-old man convicted of a slew of burglaries across central Virginia will now be spending a total of 77 years in prison.

Thursday, a Fluvanna judge handed Kevin Burchardt the last 43 years of that sentence. Other jurisdictions in central Virginia already sentenced Burchardt to 34 years behind bars.

Burchardt told the court he had no excuses - but did have an explanation. He said he has bipolar disorder and that that is what caused his bad behavior. The judge then sentenced Burchardt to a total of 205 years behind bars and suspended all but 43 years of that sentence.

The commonwealth's attorney told the court that the burglary victims will have emotional scars for a long time even though they were not physically harmed.

In Fluvanna County, Burchardt's convictions include armed burglary, use of a firearm, attempted burglary and abduction.

His mother says that Burchardt accepts full responsibility for his crimes.

“It is truly like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. It is like split personalities. Kevin and people usually with this disorder, they are highly intelligent folks. You can sit and talk with them and just fall in love with that person because they are so dynamic,” said MaryBeth Cobble, Burchardt’s mother.

The court ordered Burchardt to pay back about $24,500 to the victims for the property he took.