A Nelson County judge has denied Randy Taylor's defense team's motion to change the location of his murder trial. Taylor, charged with abducting and murdering 17-year-old Alexis Murphy from Nelson County, appeared in Nelson County Circuit Court for a pretrial motions hearing Friday afternoon.  

Taylor's attorney said the tight community and negative publicity from the media has harmed Taylor’s chances of getting a fair trial in Nelson - but the judge didn't agree. For now, Taylor's murder trial will take place in Nelson. 

Taylor was very attentive in court as the judge commented about the gag order he recently put in place and how it has reduced the level of media coverage.

The judge did say, if a day or two before the trial an inflammatory article came out, he would have to reconsider the motion. The judge also said if it took too long to select a jury, he would consider moving the trial to a different county.

The trial slated to begin May 1.