Following an exhaustive search for missing Waynesboro Police Reserve Captain Kevin Wayne Quick Thursday, police discovered a body near the Fluvanna and Goochland county line.

Even though Virginia State Police have not confirmed the body is Quick's, a police source associated with the investigation confirms they believe it to be.

Thursday, police were gathered at the scene where the body was found, near Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church at the intersection of Old Columbia Road and Lowry Road.

"We were actually outside in the yard and at first an unmarked car came by, maybe a couple we noticed. Then we were in here and we saw car after car after car come, probably about 11 of them, and then the crime scene van came,” said a neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

According to state police, the body will be transported to the medical examiner's office in Richmond for autopsy and positive identification. Thursday night, NBC12 in Richmond reported that its sources said Quick was shot, and that more arrests are pending in the case.

Three suspects already arrested - Mersadies Shelton, Daniel Mathis, and Shantai Shelton - appeared in court Thursday morning, where they were denied bond. Mersadies Shelton and Daniel Mathis' charges included grand larceny for the theft of Quick's vehicle.

Quick left his mother's home in Afton late Friday night to visit his 4-month-old daughter's mother's home in Albemarle County - but he never showed up. On Monday police found his SUV on the 3600 block of Cedar Hill Road in Louisa County.

Search warrants filed Thursday morning in Louisa County Circuit Court detail what police were looking for and discovered in Quick's stolen 4Runner. Inside the vehicle police seized an empty box of cigarettes with "a green leafy substance." They also got fingerprints, hair and fibers from the 4Runner along with cellphone cases.

The warrants also say Quick's bank account was accessed through an ATM on January 31 at 11:40 p.m. in Fork Union and then again on February 1 at about 11:30 p.m. in Manassas.

State police say the Quick investigation is still open and they are asking the public to continue calling in tips to 434-352-7128.

The reward for whoever provided the most instrumental information in finding the body as well as aiding in a conviction for the perpetrators, which will be decided by a board, has topped $40,000. One of the fund's organizers says, if it wasn't a tip that led to the discovery of the body, the reward money already collected will likely go to his family or a trust fund for his daughter.

Statement from Virginia State Police Spokesperson Corinne Geller (4:20 p.m. 02/06/2014):
During the course of various searches being conducted in Louisa and Fluvanna counties today, a body was discovered Thursday (Feb. 6) afternoon in a remote area along on the Fluvanna and Goochland county line.

State Police are on scene and in the process of identifying the individual and gathering evidence. Once identification is confirmed and the next of kin notified, we will be able to release the individual’s name to the public.

At this time the investigation into the disappearance Kevin W. Quick, 45, of Rockfish, Va., remains active and ongoing. We are still encouraging the public to come forward with any tips related to his disappearance by calling the Virginia State Police by cell at #77 or at 434-352-7128.

A reward of $40,000 has been pledged by the Waynesboro residential and business community for information that leads to his whereabouts.

Molly Balkenbush, Henry GraffAlana Austin, and Marcella Robertson contributed to this story.