Bob McDonnell and Maureen McDonnell have been scheduled to make their first court appearance on federal corruption charges on Friday. The former governor's lawyers filed a motion Wednesday to postpone the appearance until Jan. 31, but that has been denied by a federal judge. 

Wednesday, Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia Center for Politics is talking about the corruption scandal that's made headlines across the nation. Sabato says the allegations are pretty shocking - even though just about everyone saw it coming.

The McDonnells are facing a combined 14 federal corruption charges. Federal prosecutors accuse McDonnell and his wife of accepting cash and gifts from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams for state help.

Sabato says a governor has never been indicted in state history, and a governor and first lady have never been indicted in American history. Sabato says it's a classic example of living beyond your means.

"I realized that this was not something that happened because they weren't thinking on a particular day or two. This was a whole way of approaching their way of offices. It was a way of enriching themselves," said Sabato.

Sabato says if the McDonnells had just been patient, they would be swimming in money from corporate boards and speaking engagements. Sabato adds, no matter what the outcome of any trial - no one will ever have the same view of the McDonnells after reading the indictment

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