Miller School senior Jake King put pen to paper for a couple of major accomplishments Wednesday afternoon.  

First, King signed a cycling scholarship with Milligan College in Johnson City, Tennessee, which boasts one of the top teams in the nation, and is located in the hotbed of racing on the East Coast.

King says, "That area, especially, has a bunch of colleges that have the cycling programs, so we'll have good competition."  

But King wasn't done, as he also signed a professional contract with the Hincapie Sportswear Development Cycling Team, which is the premiere program for up-and-coming riders.

"I mean, really, they provide everything under the sun that you could imagine, or want, or need," says King.

Collegiate cycling is governed by USA Cycling, rather than the NCAA, which is how King can have a sponsor while still competing for his school.

Miller School coach Andy Guptill says, "It's no small feat, so for Jake to be doing it now, as he's leaving high school, is a really incredible accomplishment on his part."  

Jake King has been racing abroad since his freshman year.  

The Miller School has made allowances for his competition schedule, while also sporting a program which would make some professional teams jealous.

The Miller School has been an incredible experience," says King.  "Incredible support, and coaching, and equipment.  Honestly, I got a taste of the professional atmosphere just from being here."

The Mavericks team has members from all over the world.

They train for about 22-hours a week, and can ride as many as 150-miles in one session.

Jake King is the younger brother of Ben King.

Older brother Ben became the youngest U.S. Pro National Champion at age 22.

Jake says he'd like to break that record.

"I will be able to race that this year, so why not?" says King.  "Why not aspire to that?"

Guptill adds, "When Jake puts all the pieces together, he could absolutely be a more prolific winner than his brother.  It's just a matter of time."