Albemarle County's top prosecutor says she's being harassed online by an ex-lover. Now the case will be heard in an out-of-state courtroom.

Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford says her ex-lover crossed the line when he started posting nude and semi-nude photos of her on Twitter along with her name and occupation.

According to Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Lunsford has filed a protection order in a Missouri family court against David Cosgrove of St. Louis. Lunsford is demanding Cosgrove stop posting the images on social media.

Cosgrove says the two were intimate when they were law students in 1988. They parted ways but rekindled their romance after connecting on Facebook in 2012.

In a statement, Lunsford tells us that she and her partner were separated at the time of the incident and accepts full responsibility for what happened. She says Cosgrove was hurt and angry after she decided to return to her family.

Read Denise Lunsford's full statement to NBC29 below:

All relationships undergo times of stress. During such a period, while my partner and I were separated, I allowed the situation which has led to the court action in Missouri to arise. I accept full responsibility for what happened and deeply regret the pain it has caused my family. I am grateful that we are working through this as a couple and as a family.

If I were not a public figure this would have been a private matter but, sadly, the other party was hurt and angry at my decision to return to my family and chose to retaliate by harassing me publicly. I was left with no choice but to institute the Missouri proceedings. It is my hope that I and my family will be allowed to deal with this in private.