An Albemarle County woman who lost more than 100 pounds over the past two years is sharing her inspiring message with other women who are overweight.

Caitlin Gallagher says she's been battling her weight since she was a toddler. Now, she's winning the fight, staying committed and sharing her motivation with other women.

"I always tell people I never had a skinny day in my life, I didn't. I was always unfit - until now," said Gallagher.

Gallagher has lost 115 pounds and counting. Before she started working with a personal trainer in 2011, she tried other ways to lose weight, but always gained it back.

"I kept hoping there was some easier way to do it and there wasn't," said Gallagher.

This time, Gallagher set an ambitious goal - she wanted to be a single-digit size by her 40th birthday.

"I've never been a single-digit size my whole life - I mean, I would grow into it and out of it quickly in high school and I was by 11th grade - a 14 - and a 16 by my senior year. So to be a single-digit size to me, it was unthinkable," said Gallagher.  

She changed her lifestyle - from her diet to her workouts and completed her first 5K, mud run, and triathlon.

"I save every one of my race bibs now because I just think it's amazing that I'm doing it, I'm completing it, it's fun," said Gallagher.

And in May she reached an even more exciting finish line.

"I celebrated my 39th birthday this past May as a size 8," said Gallagher.

Now, Gallagher says she has new goals - not dropping pounds but about maintaining her healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others to do the same. She wants to become a personal trainer for other women who are overweight.

"I would love to inspire them and motivate them and help them on their journey," said Gallagher.

Her trainer, Hyam Hosny, say her determination will be contagious.

"Some of the most convincing and inspiring people are those who've really walked in people's shoes, and who can be empathetic and sensitive to the experience rather just focused on getting through the workout," said Hosny.

Gallagher says she's excited to be the healthy role model she never thought she'd be.

"I know what I've accomplished but it's hard for me to realize that that's a big deal, because it's me," said Gallagher.  

Gallagher is currently training for a half marathon, and she says a full marathon is not out of the question. And Saturday she's running her 11th race - the Women's Four Miler - with three friends she's motivating to get fit.