The pink bows Alexis' teammates wore during Saturday's volleyball tournament were tied together and donated by a Lovingston florist.

The family who owns the flower store Blossoms is putting together hundreds of pink bows to display around the Nelson County community as a sign it wants Alexis home. The owner of Blossoms says the shop has made almost 200 bows so far.

"They're coming in every day wanting more and more," Teresa Taylor, the owner, said.

Blossoms flower shop owners Cherie Taylor and her mother Teresa have been tying bows nonstop and giving them away for free.

"The ribbon cost about $12 a bolt and it's only a small token to let everyone in the community and family know we do care," Teresa Taylor said.

The mother-daughter team started making the bows after 17-year-old Alexis Murphy disappeared on August 3 - last seen not far from their shop off Route 29 in Lovingston.

"I know her father Troy really well I've been a friend of his for many years," Teresa Taylor said.

The women say they will keep tieing bows until Alexis is found. 

"I have arthritis. Yes, I am kind of young to be saying that my fingers cramp up," Cherie Taylor said.

Now others are pitching in.

"My dad actually does some lettering on the side and has offered to make some stickers to put on the ribbon," Cherie Taylor said.

"We have one that says Praying for Alexis, we have one that says Bring Alexis Home and then another one that says Find Alexis Murphy," Teresa Taylor said.

The Taylors say these pink reminders are just one part of how a small community supports each other through a difficult time.

"We are all of us I am sure are praying for Alexis and that she is brought home safely," Cherie Taylor said.

The bows are free to anyone who stops by the Blossoms shop along Route 29 in Lovingston.