Abduction suspect Randy Taylor's story and social media posts spotlight claims of Alexis Murphy's association with drugs.

Friday, her great-aunt addressed allegations of the teen's marijuana use and involvement in a drug deal the night she disappeared.

Taylor's account of his encounter with 17-year-old Alexis paints her as the middle-woman in a marijuana sale. But her family says the story makes absolutely no sense because it does not reflect Alexis' character.

"I've tried to remain in the middle of the road with this, but I'm really angered by the story that he's putting out," said Trina Murphy, Alexis' great-aunt.

Murphy says the man arrested and charged with abducting her niece is lying.

"Why would anyone who smokes weed want a perfect stranger that they supposedly only met casually to facilitate a drug deal? And what drug dealer would sell weed to somebody that they don't know with a 17-year-old present? Like you'd have to be an idiot," she said.

Through his lawyer, 48-year-old Taylor admits he was with Alexis on the night of her disappearance. He says Alexis and a black male came to his house to sell him $60 of marijuana. Her family argues the story makes no sense and they've never even seen Alexis using weed.

"Speaking not as her aunt, but as a nurse, I would know," Murphy said. "I would see signs. I've spent enough time with her that there are physical signs when people smoke weed, and I would have seen it."

Alexis' Twitter account also raises questions about her interaction with the drug. She tweets about being high and hitting the weed. Her family says even if she did smoke marijuana, involvement in a drug deal is very different.

"I'm not trying to portray that Alexis is perfect or an angel by any means, but it's a difference in casually, maybe occasionally, or you tried weed, to facilitating a drug deal for a total stranger," Murphy said.

That total stranger, Murphy believes, took her niece.

"I want you to tell me where my niece is. I know she was with you unwillingly. I know you abducted her. There is no doubt in my mind, and you need to tell us where she is," Murphy said.

Alexis' family says they are still hopeful that she is alive until investigators tell them otherwise. They are praying for the next big break to help them find Alexis.