The search to find Alexis Murphy is now in day 12. Seventeen-year-old Alexis Murphy has been missing since Saturday, August 3. A suspect, Randy Taylor, was arrested on an abduction charge in connection with the case. 

There were a few developments in the case Thursday: the FBI has moved their operations out of Nelson County, authorities released details about the investigation and a court hearing has been scheduled.

Thursday, after two weeks of searching, investigators made the decision to move their efforts out of Nelson County. They're now basing their operations out of the FBI's Albemarle County office on Pantops. The FBI will not tell us why they pulled out of Nelson County.

The FBI has confirmed that several cellphones have been recovered.  There is no indication of how many phones or how they came into their possession.  They are working to determine if one of them belongs to Alexis Murphy.  There is no indication if anything else from Alexis was found.  The FBI is unclear about when or where any active searches will resume, but still considers the search a rescue mission and not a recovery mission.

There is still no total on the number of tips that have come into the FBI nor is there any word on whether recent national coverage has led to additional tips. The Nelson County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about Alexis to call their tip line at 434-263-7050.

Meanwhile, the case against Randy Taylor is moving forward.  A bond hearing has been set for Thursday, August 22 in Nelson County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Taylor's attorney, Mike Hallahan, says at that hearing the public will learn from the commonwealth why it is holding Taylor until his next scheduled appearance in January.

"The commonwealth is going to have to tell the court what they have on him, at least to convince a judge to hold him without bond," Hallahan stated.

We spoke with Hallahan just after Taylor explained to him his version of what happened the night Alexis disappeared.   Taylor claims the last he saw her, Murphy and another unknown man left his camper in separate cars.    

We asked Hallahan if he thinks Taylor is innocent.  Hallahan says his opinion is irrelevant; he will defend his client to the best of his ability.    

We also asked Hallahan whether Taylor knew where Alexis is today.  "I didn't ask him 'where is she.' I don't ever ask a client that 'cause I don't want to know," he stated.