The search to find Alexis Murphy has now stretched into day 12. The investigation into the 17-year-old's disappearance has moved out of Nelson County, as family members cling to the hope she'll be found alive.  Alexis has been missing since Saturday, August 3. Randy Taylor was arrested on an abduction charge in connection with the case.

For Alexis Murphy's family, reality is sinking in. It is day 12 of questions - and few answers. They are hoping for a break in the case, but as they pray for a resolution that brings Alexis home alive, they say they're braced for the worst.

"Are we realistic people? Sure. Have we had the conversation about finding her body rather than her? Sure we have." Alexis' great-aunt Trina Murphy said. "I am never going to stop looking for my niece. I will never give up hope of finding her alive."

Through his lawyer, Randy Taylor has said he's not the one to blame. He says he was with Murphy the night she disappeared, that she and a black male came to his home to sell him marijuana (See related Article).

"The description of the person that he gave is pretty stereotypical," Murphy said. "I think he knows more than he's saying, I think the story that he put out is full of holes."

Taylor will be back in court next week. By then, without a resolution, the investigation into Murphy's disappearance will have stretched to almost three weeks.

Murphy said, "The truth will come out, we will find Alexis, and we'll deal with it as a family with regard as to what the outcome is."

Until then, family members say they'll hold out hope, and continue to rely on friends - old and new - for support. The Murphy family says it has been absolutely overwhelmed by support from across the country.

"If anything this has just renewed my faith in humanity," Murphy stated. "For every person out there that means you harm, there are a hundred people who mean you good."