The ground search for clues to find missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy is going strong around the home of the man charged with her abduction.

Alexis left her home in Shipman Saturday, August 3 - reportedly heading toward Lynchburg. Surveillance video shows her at the Liberty gas station in Lovingston around 7:15 that night. That was the last time she was seen. Her car was found on Tuesday, August 6, at Carmike 6 movie theater in Albemarle. Authorities arrested Randy Taylor on Sunday, August 11, and charged him with felony abduction in relation to the case. For more, click here.

FBI, state police, and Department of Corrections dog teams are trying to track down Alexis or clues to her disappearance at Taylor's home. K-9 teams are scouring the ground and sniffing along Route 29 stretching in front of the home and investigators took ATVs into the rugged terrain surrounding the property Wednesday.

Alexis is still missing 11 days after vanishing from Lovingston.

Signs Alexis is not far from the minds of neighbors in the Nelson community are everywhere. Pink ribbons loop around posts in front of the Liberty gas station in Lovingston where surveillance cameras caught Alexis and Taylor at the same time - the last place she was seen on August 3.  The same pink ribbon hangs from the mailbox at the Murphy family home in Shipman.

"I think of her smile, her laughter, the silly stuff that she do," said Laura Ann Murphy, Alexis' mother.

Murphy sits and waits for Alexis to come home. She worries that Alexis' cellphone - what she calls the sixth finger on her daughter's hand - hasn't been found. Its last ping registered near the Cannery Loop area, near Taylor's home, Saturday evening.

Investigators told her Alexis' last call was to her voicemail at 7:20 p.m. the night she disappeared.

"That's what's hard. Where is her cellphone? Because she never would be without it," said Murphy.

Murphy says she recognizes Taylor and his camouflage-wrapped truck from seeing them around Lovingston.  She's confident - and so are Nelson investigators - that Taylor is their man.

"I know he knows something.  I know he knows where she is," said Murphy.

Until just the right tip or clue comes in to locate Alexis, her smiling face and big, bright eyes painted across T-shirts her family's selling for donations will have to do - but Murphy refuses to give up hope Alexis will come home soon.

"Not a day goes by I don't think about you. I just want you home, baby. I just want you home. I just want you here next to me," said Murphy.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office won't comment on whether investigators are looking at possible accomplices or other persons of interest in Alexis's disappearance.

Taylor will remain behind bars at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail without bond until his next court appearance scheduled for January 9, 2014.

The Sheriff's Office is asking for anyone with tips or information about the case to call 434-263-7050.