Ten days after the disappearance of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, details are shedding more light on arrested suspect Randy Taylor's activity in Nelson County, particularly in the area of the Liberty gas station in Lovingston where Alexis was last seen.

Bruce Johnson says this week isn't the first time he's seen Taylor - or his camo-wrapped suburban - in town. Johnson says he's seen Taylor in the Lovingston Food Lion parking lot, just sitting and watching people.

"He was just sitting in that parking lot watching and that kind of was strange to me too. He was sitting in the parking lot and he just sat in the vehicle. I went in the store, got what I got and came out - he was still sitting in the vehicle," Johnson said.

He says in a small town like Lovingston, Taylor's truck is one you don't forget.

"A suburban with antennas on it, camouflage down the side of it and that's kind of suspicious because I've never seen that vehicle around here before," Johnson said.

The Food Lion parking lot overlooks the Liberty gas station where Alexis was last seen on August 3. The Nelson County Sheriff's Office confirms Taylor was caught on the same surveillance video as Alexis the night she vanished.

Tuesday, Taylor made his first appearance in Nelson County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. He is charged with abduction in connection with Alexis' disappearance.

But even with Taylor in custody, Alexis' whereabouts are still unknown, leaving Johnson and the rest of the community hoping for her safe return.

There have not been any active searches around Taylor's home Tuesday but investigators say they are planning to conduct more throughout the rest of the week.

The Sheriff's Office says Taylor was one of a handful of suspects from the start of their investigation.