National media outlets are picking up the story about the missing 17-year-old from Nelson County, Alexis Murphy.

A well-known legal commentator is now rallying her audience around the case. Nancy Grace is pushing Alexis' disappearance into the national spotlight. The CNN Headline News commentator spent most of her show detailing Alexis' disappearance to her prime time viewers Tuesday night.

Alexis' family continues to put itself out there in the public eye, demanding the story dominate headlines.

"I think our purpose is just to get her story and her face out there," said Trina Murphy, Alexis' great-aunt.

The family says it's a tough job - but one that must be done.

"It's what you do.  I will do an interview every day, 10 times a day for the next 10 years if I have to to bring her home. I would do anything," Murphy said.

Murphy went on HLN's Now in America Tuesday afternoon to talk about the case and the search for Alexis. She hopes talking to a larger audience will bring in the tip to break the case.

"I don't know what this guy has been involved with. I don't know how far-reaching his terror reign is," Murphy said.

Murphy says the family hopes to attract attention to other disappearances in our area, specifically those of Samantha ClarkeDaShad Smith and Morgan Harrington, whose killer is still out there.

CNN's Jane Velez Mitchell will discuss the case on her show Wednesday night.