Investigators are hopeful someone will recognize 48-year-old Randy Allen Taylor, the suspect arrested for abduction in the Alexis Murphy case, or his truck and generate more leads.

Monday, Alexis's family spoke out about Taylor - saying they do recognize him.  It's been nine days since the Nelson County teen was last seen, but the family is trying to stay positive.

Trina Murphy, Alexis's great-aunt, said, "Every time, we've kind of gotten to a place where we're starting to feel a little defeated, something major has happened."

The Murphy family says news of the arrest is bittersweet.  They are relieved major steps forward have been taken in the case, but are still waiting for the phone call to reunite them with Alexis.

Laura Ann Murphy, Alexis's mother, said, "If anyone knows anything about Alexis, I want her to come home because today would have been her first day of school.  I took my youngest son to school this morning, but I didn't have my daughter to take."  She made an emotional plea at a police news conference Monday for the community's help to find her daughter.

"All along we've known that Alexis was abducted. This was not a voluntary runaway type of situation because we know Alexis.  But to see somebody like him, to know that he was with her is scary," said Trina Murphy.

Investigators announced Taylor as the suspect arrested and charged with abduction in this case.  The Murphy family says that since Nelson County is such a small community, they are sure they've seen him around.

Trina Murphy said, "I have seen his face. The tattoo on his neck is recognizable. Definitely have seen the truck, but do I know anybody that knows him? No. Never to my knowledge even spoke to the man."

They do not believe Alexis had ever interacted with Taylor.

"For lack of better words, he's a creepy-looking guy, so I think she would be afraid of him," said Trina Murphy.

The identification of a suspect comes nine days after Alexis was last seen at the Liberty gas station in Lovingston - about 10 miles from her home in Shipman.  Family members say it's important to stay close to the house as the search for Alexis continues.

Trina Murphy said, "Every step of this, we've had to rely on each other. I know we've worn faith and family out but that's the only way to get through this."

They are hoping and praying for the next big break that will bring Alexis home.

"If it was your daughter, your niece, your sister, you would want somebody to call it in," said Trina Murphy.

Laura Ann Murphy said, "If anybody knows anything, please. Please. Let us know. Please."

The family notes that there aren't many trucks around with camouflage wrap on it like Taylor's.  They emphasize that anyone who saw or thinks they saw anything, should call in with the information that could help find Alexis. The number for the Nelson County Sheriff's Office is 434-263-7050.