Randy Taylor, the man arrested Sunday in connection with the missing teenager from Nelson County Alexis Murphy, may also be tied to the disappearance of an Orange County woman in 2010.

Now, the hope is Taylor's arrest could lend information to the case of Samantha Ann Clarke. Clarke was 19 years old when she was last seen almost three years ago. Now - Taylor's arrest is bringing Clarke's case back into the light.

Almost three years after her disappearance, the home where Samantha Clarke lived still carries her presence - the words "still missing" is written across the windows.

"I know there is some speculation that this case may be connected to other similar disappearances or abductions in the region," said Jeffrey Mazanec, FBI special agent in charge.

The FBI said in a press conference Monday morning that they will not speak on whether or not the Murphy case is linked to other missing person cases in the area.

After Clarke disappeared, police in Orange linked Taylor to her disappearance, according to a 2012 article from The Hook.

"We are certainly looking at all possibilities and information in this regard," said Mazanec.

It was September 13 when Clarke walked out of her mother's home on a quiet street in Orange and was never seen again. According to the Hook article,  Taylor called Clarke at least five times in the hours before she disappeared.

Orange County Commonwealth's Attorney Diana Wheeler says she hopes the arrest of Taylor brings forth more leads in Clarke's disappearance.

"Gets the word out again, makes people think about what they might know or not know, maybe somebody knows something they've been reluctant to come forward and this might just be an additional opportunity for them to rethink that decision and decide to come forward," said Wheeler. 

In April of 2011 investigators searched a Greene County lake for Clarke's body.  Wheeler says she cannot comment on recent leads in the case because the investigation is ongoing.