There has been a major break in the search for a Nelson County teenager missing for more than a week. The FBI has confirmed it has arrested a suspect.

Word of that arrest came first from Alexis Murphy's family members just before 7 p.m. The FBI confirms one person was arrested and charged with abducting the 17-year-old. But right now, there's still no word on who that suspect is.

The family said news of the arrest was bittersweet. They say they are glad there is a break in the case, but are still waiting for Alexis to come home.

"It's exciting. Obviously very bittersweet to know that they have a suspect, but Alexis isn't home yet. But [it has been] a jolt of energy, hope and faith," Alexis' aunt Angela Taylor said.

"To find out that someone has been - it's been determined that she really was abducted and we have a suspect and they're in custody, that's major," Alexis' aunt Trina Murphy said.

The family is hopeful they'll know more about where Alexis is sometime Monday.

Law enforcement says this is still an on-going investigation. The FBI will not say whether the suspect arrested is facing state or federal abduction charges.

Investigators were actively searching in the Cannery Loop area Sunday night. The FBI completely blocked off a property right off of Route 29 in Lovingston. Two agents sat in a car blocking the driveway of that property near Cannery Loop. Behind that car were a number of large unmarked vehicles and additional FBI agents. 

Agents on scene would not say whether they are searching for Alexis Murphy or clues in her case. An FBI spokesperson also would not release any details as to what agents were doing along Cannery Loop.