Alexis Murphy should be preparing for the first day of her senior year at Nelson County High School. Instead, Murphy's relatives say they are focusing on her siblings who are getting ready to head back to class Monday morning - as the search for their sister continues.

As day eight of the investigation comes to a close, Alexis' family is trying to give her brothers a fresh start to a new school year. They say focusing on some sense of normalcy is helping them hold out hope to bring Alexis home.

"We all had to walk away. It was very emotional because he just looked up and said they're looking for Alexis, they're looking for my sister," Alexis' aunt Trina Murphy said.

Six-year-old Cameron Murphy can't avoid the helicopters scanning Nelson County for his sister Alexis - as he gets ready for his first day of first grade.

"His younger cousins have been trying to come every day just to keep him occupied - let him go outside, trying to keep his life as normal as possible with everything else that's going on," Trina Murphy said.

Cameron's elementary school has stepped up to help the family during this difficult time.

"They came in here and registered him so Laura Ann wouldn't have to worry about going out there, seeing everyone and they went and bought of his school supplies and his book bag," Trina Murphy said.

Alexis' classmates say the first day back at Nelson County High School will seem empty without the 17-year-old.

"It's been really hard because it's different without her being there," classmate Kashontae Miles said.

Alexis' older brother Avery is also heading off to begin his junior year at Longwood University this month. Family members say they miss Alexis' presence since she disappeared last Saturday.

"She always walked around with funny-looking socks on, different colors or stripes or some type of character on them and she's always cold," Trina Murphy said.

The family is holding onto memories of a sister, daughter and friend as they anxiously wait for her to return home.

They said the schools will be sensitive to the situation as the search for Alexis continues around them. They emphasize that faith and family are helping them stay strong.