One family knows all toowell what the family of missing Nelson County 17-year-old Alexis Murphy isgoing through.    

Almost four years ago,Morgan Harrington's parents began the long search for their daughter. Four daysafter Murphy was last seen, Gil Harrington is speaking out.

State police investigatorscontacted Harrington Wednesday morning. Investigators say they don't think Murphy'scase is connected to Morgan Harrington's.

Morgan went missing followinga Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena. Her remains were discovered afew months later on a farm just south of Charlottesville.

Gil Harrington says sheunderstands the anguish the Murphy family is feeling right now and howoverwhelming it can be to remain positive and push forward.

"It is too late for Morgan.My hopes are with this young girl who we don't have answers for in thiscritical time when, likely, good result is most possible when you have to reachout to your community," she said.

Harrington says sheremains hopeful Murphy will be found. She adds cases like this and her owndaughter's should be a reminder about personal awareness and safety.

Morgan's killer is stillon the loose. He was connected to another attack in Fairfax City through DNA. Statepolice are looking for any leads on that case as well.