NBC29.com has reopened commenting on our web stories with a new system that will allow for better oversight on what's being posted before it appears on our website.

Those wishing to comment will be asked to sign in using one of several options including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Open ID or a direct log-in through the NBC29.com member center.

The rules for posting are fairly straightforward:  "NBC29.com invites you to comment on our stories. When posting here you agree to our terms of service by keeping the discourse civil, on topic and refraining from profanity, obscenity, spam, name-calling, privacy violations or attacking others for their views."

All comments will be reviewed before they are posted to make sure they're within the policy.

While we recognize that there is no one simple solution for managing comments on NBC29.com and that every choice is open to some degree of criticism, we believe this new policy balances both the "best practices" of the industry and the opportunity for our viewers to weigh-in on the stories posted online.

David Foky
News Director