A million-dollar effort to help man's best friend stopped in Staunton Monday.

"Rover to the Rescue" is a huge coffee table book featuring dogs - whose owners paid $5,000 each to get their furry friends in the book.

The money is helping rescue agencies across the nation with their spay/neuter clinics. At least $10,000 is benefiting the Augusta Regional SPCA Spay Neuter Clinic..

The first edition was given to Oprah Winfrey from Ellen DeGeneres a couple of years ago. The edition currently being compiled will be the fourth and final.

"Lovable photos of dogs that really reflect that there's happy, healthy, loving animals in pet rescues. So we always encourage people to look at their local rescue before they go to a breeder or pet store to find their animal. Check your local rescue first," said Amanda Hedlund, with "Rover to the Rescue."

A copy of the book costs $125 and your own personal cover costs $10,000. Getting your dog on the national cover costs $50,000. 

If you want to get your beloved pet photographed and to help out a good cause at the same time, it's not too late: click here.