An online petition is calling on the Alcoholic Beverage Control to apologize for the April incident involving a University of Virginia student. 

The story came to light last week when charges were dropped against Elizabeth Daly. She was arrested after undercover ABC agents mistook a case of water for beer. 

Daly had bought groceries with two roommates at Harris Teeter on Barracks Road when she says they were approached in the parking lot by what court documents show were ABC agents in plainclothes. The agents say Daly and her roommates panicked, sped off and hit two of them. Daly says she and her roommates had planned to talk to them through the window, but that required starting the car. This caused the officers to react, and one of them even drew a gun. 

Daly spent one night in jail and was charged with assault and battery on two law enforcement officers and eluding police, but the charges were later dropped. 

Now, a petition urges the ABC to apologize and apply appropriate discipline or dismissal of the officers involved. It also calls for transparency and accountability in undercover operations.