The city of Charlottesville is being fined $26,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Monday night, Charlottesville City Council passed a resolution approving the payment of the fine. Lauren Hildebrand, Charlottesville's director of utilities, says the civil penalty comes after two violations of stormwater mitigation codes.

Hildebrand says before a settlement between the EPA and the city there were four violations and a $50,0000 fine.

"They didn't like how we disposed of that water, which is in a basin you know, at our Avon yard, so our remedy is to take it to the Rivanna Moores Creek Treatment Plant so it can be treated in the sewer system," said Hildebrand.

Hildebrand says the EPA also fined the city for not having enough documentation of some storm water inspections. She says they have asked the city to better document inspections of development sites.