Police are investigating a death related to an alleged attack outside an Albemarle County restaurant and bar police are quite familiar with.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the death of 22-year-old Vincent Shifflett. This comes after his family says he was attacked in the parking lot of Riverside North – a restaurant and bar along Route 29 North – last week. But Tuesday night we're learning this isn't the first time the bar is on the police's radar.

Family members say Shifflett was hit outside the bar last Wednesday. They say he fell to the ground, got back up and fell again. He died the next day from what doctors are saying was a brain aneurysm. 

Now, family members are saying Shiflett was attacked, and police are taking a closer look at his death, which occurred in an area that has developed quite a reputation. 

"It's been the source of repeat calls for service for us, police-related calls for service, since August 2011 there have been over 40 documented incidents that have been directly related to Riverside North," said Albemarle County Police Lieutenant Peter Mainzer, district commander for the Jefferson District. 

Out of those 40 calls, 10 have been for DUI, 13 for drunk in public, and 12 for assaults - many of them aggravated and alcohol-related. 

"Over half the incidents that we've documented and responded to have involved alcohol - well over half," Mainzer said. 

Police say it is too soon to comment on the specifics of this case but that they are keeping an eye out in the area. 

"We've been increasing our patrols and trying to be a little more proactive in how we're addressing some of the issues up there and how we're responding to those issues," Mainzer said. 

Shifflett had a young child with his girlfriend, and is described as an outdoorsman who had a great passion for hunting, fishing and dirt bike racing.

NBC29 reached out to Shifflett's family Tuesday and they say they are still too torn up to talk. NBC29 also gave Riverside North the opportunity to speak, but the bar did not have any comment.