After a very large crew of teenagers spent a hot summer day sweating and working simply to help out, Greenbrier Elementary School students have a lot to look forward to when they go back to school. 

More than 75 volunteers gave Greenbrier facelift Friday for Renew Cville. The goal was to give back to the community, and for one student, giving back to Greenbrier is personal. 

High school senior Arysse Catlin is giving back to the school that welcomed him 11 years ago as a kindergartner. 

"It seems much smaller than it was before. I remember walking through the hallways being a 5- and 6-year-old and going out to the basketball court and playing basketball and it's just good to be back," Catlin said.

Catlin worked alongside more than 75 other volunteers from youth groups from Portico Church, City Church and Trinity Presbyterian Church, as well as countless schools - united in a common goal of serving Charlottesville. 

"We get a lot out of the community and we all live here and it's good to give back to the community and just help out," said volunteer Grace Sorensen.

Middle school and high school students took care of tasks like weeding, mowing the grass, mulching and tending to the gardens at Greenbrier. 

"We usually just don't have the hands available in the summertime so this is a great help for us," said Jim Kyner, Greenbrier's principal. 

Kyner says he hopes the service of these volunteers will sow the seeds for future Greenbrier graduates to give back. 

"This is really a community school. We want our kids to enjoy the work that they're doing and then someday they'll be in their shoes and they'll give back as well," Kyner said. 

Catlin said the day was a chance to say thank you to the school that set him on the right path. "They taught me how to read and stuff so it's important that I give something back to this school," he said. 

Kyner said, thanks to the help from the volunteers, the gardens at Greenbrier looks better than they've looked in five years, and that will be a bright welcome for students in the fall.