It's a bookworm's delight. The biggest book sale in the region is back and it's only open for a few weeks throughout the year.

The Green Valley Book Fair offers half a million books. It's only open six times a year, for about 16 days each time, and the owners are gearing up for the next big bargain sale.

A huge warehouse with several floors holds roughly 500,000 books for sale. There are also gift items like notebooks, t-shirts, puzzles and games. All items are up to 90 percent off. Brand name books sell as low as a few dollars.

The Green Valley Book Fair usually comes close to selling out, so after about two weeks they shut down and stock up again.

"The most unique thing is just the selection because you never know what you're going to find. We have a lot of sideline items now, we have some clothing and everything is cheap. That's the thing. When you come in you don't have to decide what you can afford you just have to decide what you want to buy because you can afford any of it," said Michele Branner, Green Valley Book Fair manager.

This year, the fair is also supporting kids recovering from a national disaster. A cart of children's books will be donated to Briarwood Elementary School which was destroyed during the Oklahoma tornados.

The Green Valley Book Fair is located in Mount Crawford in the Shenandoah Valley. The next book fair starts Saturday and goes through July 14.

Click here for a full list of the schedule, and a preview of some of the book titles.