The polls are closed in Charlottesville and preliminary results are in.

The Democratic race for Charlottesville City Council has run under the radar - up until Tuesday night's vote counting began.

Incumbent Kristin Szakos won her spot on the November ballot - which isn't a surprise to many - but there is a tie for the second spot on the ballot. Political newcomer Wes Bellamy and the man who's run for council twice before and lost - Bob Fenwick - are currently tied.  

Here are the numbers:  Kristen Szakos, the only incumbent in the race, won her second nomination by a large margin with 1,370 votes. Wes Bellamy and Bob Fenwick are currently tied with 1,088 each. In third, is educator Melvin Grady, who received 798 votes. University of Virginia graduate student Adam Lees received just 266 votes. 

There are a lot of questions surrounding what happens in a second place tie scenario. The voter registrar's office says it has about eight provisional ballots that will be counted Wednesday morning.

If there is still a tie between Bellamy after that count, it could come down to something as basic as a coin toss to decide the winner.  

All of the candidates gathered this evening at Escafe on Water Street in downtown Charlottesville.   Bellamy and Fenwick got a chance to chat about the news of the tie. Both men say they're grateful for the chance to run, and look forward to Wednesday's final tallies.

"I was just happy to stand up in front of the public and say the things that I felt. And they responded," said Fenwick.    

"This is fantastic for a town or a city like Charlottesville to have all of this going on. What more could you ask for man, this is it," said Bellamy.

The final tallies will come down Wednesday morning in an effort to break the tie.

There are two other Charlottesville races – one for commonwealth's attorney and the other for commissioner of the revenue.  

In the commonwealth's attorney race, incumbent Dave Chapman was challenged by the man he beat in 1993 - Steve Deaton. Current Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman wins with by an overwhelming margin – 1,784 to 707 votes

The race for Charlottesville's commissioner of the revenue is between Todd Divers and Jonathan Stevens. Divers takes the win with 1, 287 votes. Stevens earned 1,175 votes.

All of these numbers are preliminary and  must be finalized by the Virginia State Board of Elections.