A palace tucked away on Afton Mountain is the site of a paranormal research investigation Saturday.  A group based out of Fishersville is set up at Swannanoa - a mansion filled with a mysterious past.

The doors of the Swannanoa palace are open exclusively to the Twisted Paranormal Society team Saturday. They will be there through the night - checking for any signs of paranormal activity.

"I stay here alone a lot, so I'm just curious," said Jay Dulaney, Skyline Swannanoa president.

Dulaney knew the palace was special from the day he got the keys to the marble mansion. Before spending his first night alone inside, Dulaney says he stopped by a bookstore.

"I reach over, thumb through and there's Swannanoa and then the paragraph says perhaps the most haunted house in Virginia and I thought it was strange since I had never been in the building," said Dulaney.

The house was built in 1912 by a lawyer named James Dooley and his wife Sallie May. The Twisted Paranormal Society says there are stories of her spirit wandering the property.

"We learned a lot of history about possible, the spirit of Sallie May Dooley still walks the halls here, activity out in the gardens, the stables, the actual cottage house that's here," said Lyle Lotts of the Twisted Paranormal Society.

Dulaney can't help but speculate the truth to the paranormal tales.

"I have cats and they're locked up and they won't go on the third floor and Mrs. Dooley supposedly on the third floor she didn't like cats," said Dulaney.     

The team of 13 investigators set up cameras throughout the house to try and detect any sign of activity.

"It's up to us to kind of go in and help a family understand what they might be going through.  If they have - it may be electrical problems, it may be things like that that make them feel sensitive to things and that's up to us to go in and help find that," said Lotts.

It's a unique opportunity to dig into the mystery of Swannanoa's history firsthand.

"I've been up here since I can remember and I'm still in awe when I walk in," said Dulaney.

The Twisted Paranormal Society has been granted five hours to investigate inside the house and unlimited time on the grounds. Stories say the library is the most haunted room in the house so they'll be paying close attention there.