At least one University of Virginia fraternity is under investigation.

An investigation is pending into the Kappa Alpha fraternity. According to a tweet by the Cavalier Daily, the president of the Inter Fraternity Council says Kappa Alpha's fraternity organization agreement has been suspended. This means they cannot use UVA resources or participate in UVA sponsored events.

The suspension comes after members of the IFC and Dean of Students Allen Groves received several reports of hazing and dangerous practices involving alcohol.  After receiving these reports, Groves issued a letter demanding that all fraternities end their pledge period early - on April 7.

Groves told students he made the decision to end the pledge period early in order to protect students' safety and the sustainability of the fraternity system.

Kappa Alpha's national staff says they are in contact with the UVA chapter and are working closely with university administration. UVA also issued a statement acknowledging the suspension and investigation but would not comment further.

Statement from IFC President Jacob Pittman:

The Kappa Alpha Order received notice yesterday that their FOA (Fraternal Organization Agreement) has been suspended while the University begins an investigation. I will not discuss what prompted the investigation. There is no time table in effect for how long this investigation/suspension will be put in place. In terms of their chapter, while their FOA has been suspended they must cease all fraternal activities, but it is far too soon to predict the long-term ramifications; it all depends on the findings of the investigation.

UVA Administration statement:

The University can confirm that it has suspended the fraternal organization agreement with a fraternity pending investigation of a matter. The University has no additional comment at this time

Kappa Alpha Order statement:

Lexington, Va. (NAO) –The National Administrative Office of Kappa Alpha Order has been made aware of an investigation of our Lambda Chapter at the University of Virginia. Following standard procedures, the chapter's operations have been temporarily suspended for an initial 30 days so our staff may review the situation.

National staff is in contact with the chapter and University administration. The National Administrative Office intends to work closely with University administration.

Kappa Alpha Order and its first chapter were founded upon the principles of gentlemanly conduct and with excellence as its aim, at what is now Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. Those values remain the focus of the Order today. It has grown to 123 chapters in 26 states. Currently, there are more than 6,400 undergraduate members, 120,000 living initiated members, and over 150,000 initiates in history. More information about Kappa Alpha Order is available online, at