Soon-to-be teachers are getting schooled in Charlottesville over the weekend.

The Student Virginia Education Association Conference is hosting teacher training for college students from across the commonwealth. It's a chance for students to prepare in a hands-on way for a career as a teacher.

Unlike the typical lecture-style of a classroom, they broke into groups and shared tips with each other. Nearly 200 students will spend the weekend at the DoubleTree Hotel learning ways to improve their teaching skills.

On Saturday, they learned classroom management and how to use technology like QR codes and iPad apps. One of the advisors says it's important for teachers to be on top of the latest teaching technology.

"Twenty-first century learning is a key in education right now so we're not just teaching students the three "R's" anymore, we're teaching them collaboration, creativity, we're seeing employers want students that can work together in teams," said Jodie Sommerfeltt of Old Dominion University.

The conference is all about teamwork. During the breakout sessions advisors give firsthand advice and students bounce back with classroom ideas of their own.

Teaching skills weren't limited Saturday - students learned how to teach for each specific grade level - whether it be kindergarten or high schoolers.