Albemarle County Supervisor Chris Dumler may want to put his legal problems behind him, but some of his constituents aren't going to let that happen anytime soon.    Monday the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors met to talk about the budget, but that plan was overshadowed by a vocal contingent in the audience that is calling for Dumler to resign.

In January, Dumler pleaded guilty to sexual battery. He was facing a felony forcible sodomy charge, but instead pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual battery charge as part of a plea agreement.  He will serve 30 days in jail.  Dumler says he will not step down from the Board of Supervisors.

While his plea deal may have lessened his criminal charges, it has increased the uproar in the community with those who want to see him resign. 

"Frankly, I find what he did loathsome and, like many in our area I speak with, I find it outrageous that he is still seated on the Board of Supervisors," said Keith Morris, an Albemarle resident.

Dumler did not show much emotion Monday as people stepped up to the podium and asked him to resign.   For one Dumler opponent, Jamie Morgan,  the whole ordeal was too much.  She was escorted out of the meeting after an outburst.

"This has disrupted people's lives and he is rolling his [expletive] eyes. He is playing on his computer and rolling his eyes at these women," said Morgan.

Morgan says she doesn't regret her outburst and will continue to speak out until Dumler steps down.

"This is a really passionate issue for me because it shouldn't be a political issue.  It's an issue about what's right and wrong," she said.

While Dumler's supporters may be dwindling, he still does not have any plans to step down.  Many asked the board to resolve the issue because of the distraction they say it has become.

"Going around on the recall petition...70 percent of the democrats can't pull their pens out fast enough to sign. So I don't know who Mr. Dumler thinks he's representing...but there aren't very many people left in the Scottsville District that want to have much to do with him," said Steven Peters, another Dumler opponent.

Those protestors say they plan to keep speaking out until Dumler steps down from his position on the board.