Virginia's Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is set to take on democrat Terry McAuliffe in the race to be Virginia's 72nd governor. But another candidate, Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, might shake things up with yet another campaign.

Monday, Bolling talked to Larry Sabato's politics students at the University of Virginia. He says he's confident he could run a credible independent campaign.

The question is, can he run a winning campaign?

Bolling told Sabato's students about the importance of compromise and bipartisanship.

"The challenge of our time is governing in the mainstream and avoiding the extreme. And I will tell you, if I get into this race for governor - that's going to be the message. It's going to be a message of mainstream leadership in Richmond," said Bolling.

Now Bolling is trying to find out whether or not he can win the 2013 race for Virginia's governor on a moderate platform.

"There is no question in my mind that there is a realistic opening in this case for a credible independent candidate and I think we could run a credible independent campaign," said Bolling.

Right now, Bolling says he's 50/50 on whether he'll move forward with a campaign.

In the end, it's all about the money.

"I think it's going to depend a lot on the effort we're making in the next couple of weeks to figure out whether or not we can raise the money to effectively communicate our message to the people of Virginia," said Bolling.

"I think he wants to run if he can get the money," said Sabato.

Sabato says if some financial angels step up, Bolling could have a strong campaign in a three-way race against Cuccinelli, who some see as leaning too far to the right, and Terry McAuliffe, who some see as too inexperienced in Virginia politics.

"There's room for someone like Bolling to move up through the middle and that's really where most people are," said Sabato.

Bolling says he will announce whether he will run for governor by March 14.