The felony charge against a man accused of attempting to abduct a child from Fashion Square Mall has been dropped.

Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford says James Key is not a threat to the community.

The prosecutor says Key suffers from seizures and had one that November day he grabbed a child at Fashion Square Mall in Albemarle County. The 46-year-old was facing a felony abduction charge, but it was dropped.

In court, Lunsford classified Key's medical records concerning seizures as "voluminous." Those records go back to the day he was born, when he had his first seizure.

Lunsford says Key also had a seizure when he tried to grab the 2-year-old girl and there would be issues proving criminal intent.

"There are sufficient restraints that have been put in place with respect to Mr. Key at this time that I don't think, have a concern that he is a continuing threat. His family will be with him virtually all the time," Lunsford said.

Key will give the commonwealth's attorney access to his medical records for the next two years. Lunsford says that's to make sure Key complies with what his doctor recommends. Lunsford also pointed out Key was complying with his doctor's orders when the incident happened.

The fact that he was charged will still be on his record unless he asks for it to be expunged.