So, you're thinking about LASIK surgery, but you are worried about the price. LasikPRO can help you easily afford laser eye surgery. Right now, for a very limited, Dr. Perraut at LasikPRO has an offer that can't be beat - $1,000 off your procedure AND two years to pay with no interest. So why wait? 

To help put the cost in perceptive, consider the cost of contacts over 25 years. A three month supply of a typical contact lens costs about $44. That's $176 a year. Most people start wearing contacts in their teens. If you wear contacts from age 20 to age 45 that's 25 years of contact lens wear! Assuming that the price never increases, which is unlikely, that's 25 x $176, which equals $4,400! Making LASIK less expensive than contacts. 

LasikPRO offer various payment options and no finance charges will be assessed if the amount is paid in full by the due date. A minimum monthly payment of 3% of the balance is required and financing is subject to credit approval. Check our Financial Coordinator for the latest information. 

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