The Virginia swim team will host one of its biggest meets of the season this weekend, when the Cavaliers take on North Carolina at the Aquatic and Fitness Center Saturday.

Olympic gold medalist Lauren Perdue is in her final year at UVA, and is looking for a strong finishing kick to her senior season.

Perdue would win any 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' competition with her classmates, after traveling to London to win Olympic gold, but now she's back in the pool at Virginia for her senior season with the 'Hoos.

"I'm just a normal college student here, so it's back to normal," says Perdue.

That means LeBron James hasn't extended another dinner invitation to Perdue, as he famously did at the Olympic Village in London.

"He has not!" said Perdue, with a laugh.

After an offseason of some celebrity, Perdue is happy to return to business as usual with Virginia.

"We're really excited to see if we can carry on this legacy of being ACC Champions every year for the past six years," says Perdue.

There's no NFL or NBA for swimmers after college, so the anthropology major is still mulling over her post-collegiate plans.

Perdue says, "It's the real world, and at some point I need to find a job. If I could balance both, that would be ideal. That would be the perfect world."

No matter what the future may hold, Perdue is hoping to finish her college career with a national championship in the 200 meter freestyle, after finishing as runner-up in the event in her sophomore season.

"It would be the cherry on top of the cake," says Perdue. "It's been an amazing four years here. I've enjoyed every second of it. The Olympics was a great addition to my college experience, so being a national champion would be phenomenal."

Virginia will host North Carolina at noon on Saturday, and Duke at the same time on Sunday.