An 11-year-old girl's birthday wish is inspiring adults and children. Jasmyne Mowry, of Charlottesville, says instead of getting gifts for herself, she wants to give back to those who need encouragement the most.

Jasmyne will turn 12 later this month, but before she does, she wants to throw a holiday celebration for the homeless. Now, a group of pastors has come together to make Jasmyne's wish come true.

Jasmyne was all smiles just days away from her 12th birthday. At the top of her wish list isn't clothes, toys, or even money, but something much more personal. "My wish is to feed the needy, like the people who don't really have a holiday Christmas meal," she said.

Homelessness is an issue Jasmyne is familiar with; about three years ago her family was homeless, living in a hotel with just enough to get by. "I remember not really having a Christmas tree or having a big Christmas meal," she said.

Denise Mowry, Jasmyne's mother, said, "We were struggling, but you know together we made it…stayed strong and positive."

Wanting to give back to those in need, Jasmyne got to work and drafted a letter making her wish known, which she posted in various places around town.  She also asked some churches to help her with her cause.

"I thought that that was just a great gesture and one that I thought would be great for churches to get involved with," said Pastor Lehman Bates of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

"My husband shared with the congregation Sunday and read the letter and challenged them to help, and the expressions on the people in the audience when they heard her words moved everyone," said Laurie Malone of Maple Grove Christian Church.

Jasmyne asked, and she received. A group of pastors has come to together to make her wish come true.  She will feed the homeless at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Saturday.

"It's a sense of pride that she's wanting to reach out and touch her community at such a young age," said Denise.

Jasmyne hopes that her story will inspire both young people and adults to take time to look beyond themselves, and remind those in need to stay encouraged. "I will say that it's okay and that we will make it together even though we may not know each other," said Jasmyne.

Right now, the group is finalizing the menu and spreading the word to organizations that help those in need. Jasmyne will feed the homeless at Ebenezer Baptist Church starting at 3 p.m. on Saturday.