October 17 marks three years since the night Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington disappeared after attending a concert at the John Paul Jones Arena.  

She was last seen in Charlottesville on October 17, 2009, and months later, in January of 2010, her remains were found on an Albemarle County farm. But the search for her killer remains a challenge.

The campaign established in her memory, "Help Save the Next Girl," says the clues to solve this crime are still here in Charlottesville. The campaign handed out bracelets, t-shirts and flyers Sunday at the North Garden Trading Post, not far from where Harrington's body was found.      

Volunteers are hoping to jog someone's memory about a man they may have known, or may have seen in passing, to find clues to Morgan Harrington's killer.      

"There's some missing pieces there," said Kenny Jarels, a Help Save the Next Girl volunteer, "and I feel that the missing pieces are still here in Charlottesville."      

The "Help Save the Next Girl" campaign, which was created by Harrington's parents, is launching a new effort to find those missing pieces.  They are focusing on tips about the necklace Harrington was wearing on the night she disappeared from a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena.      

"It's possible that someone could have found this necklace not thinking anything about it," said Jarels.  "But there's also a possibility the person that did this to Morgan gave this necklace to someone and we want that person to come forward."      

A new flyer asks questions about the suspect's picture, such as, "Did someone resembling this sketch live in your neighborhood during that period? Did someone who looks like the sketch work with you?  Did he appear to have gotten in a fight, showing facial scratches or bruises in October, 2009?"    

"If we can do anything to jog someone's memory," said Jarels, "that could help the police arrest this guy. Then we are helping.  We are helping save the next girl."      

The campaign is encouraging people who know anything about the necklace or the suspect to call the state police tip line at 434-352-3467.  There is a $150,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.  The campaign says any tip could take a dangerous man off the streets, and help save the next girl.