Yeardley Love's family is talking publicly for the first time about the former University of Virginia lacrosse player's death at the hands of her ex-boyfriend George Huguely in May of 2010.

Thursday Yeardley Love's mother and sister, Sharon and Lexie Love, spoke out for the first time with Katie Couric. In an exclusive interview on the talk show "Katie", they opened up about Yeardley's life, death and her killer.

They shared their memories of a daughter and a sister gone forever. "She was always laughing or always making a joke," Lexie stated. "She was always on top of everything she did."

The Loves used words like 'vivacious', 'happy' and 'kind' to describe Yeardley.

Sharon stated, "One of the last times she was home she had gone to get a pizza. And when she was driving home another man, who had gotten a pizza at the same place, crashed his car into a pole. So she stopped, called and ambulance and stayed with him."

Sharon and Lexie Love recalled the morning of May 03 2010, the day Yeardley was found dead in her 14th Street apartment. A police officer broke the news to Sharon just after 6:00 a.m.

"When he asked me if I was Yeardley's mother, I realized something horrible had happened and I shut down." Sharon stated.

Thursday, "Katie" shined a light on dating violence and how to recognize the signs.  Sharon and Lexie Love admitted to knowing an incident where Huguely pinned Yeardley on her bed one night but maintained they did not think Huguely was abusive or capable of murder.

Sharon stated, "Had I thought she was in a dangerous relationship, I would have taken her out of school."

Huguely has been convicted of second-degree murder and is serving a 23-year prison sentence.

Sharon said, "You'd always like to see more. But I think I'm satisfied with the verdict because I think everybody took their job seriously and did it well."

During the 13-day long trial in February, the Loves said they tried to not look at Huguely, but it happened.

Lexie said, "(my) heart was beating very fast. I kept thinking 'That's what Yeardley saw, that's the last thing she saw.' And I kept running that through my head over and over again…I'd think about the situation that night and it just brought back horrible thoughts."

Now the Love family remembers Yeardley through pictures and stories about the girl born to play lacrosse.

Sharon said, "I think she's in our hearts all the time and we think of her all the time."

The Love family tries to focus on the positive: creating the One Love Foundation in Yeardley's honor.

Sharon and Lexie say they take turns being strong for one another but the emotions can overwhelm them at any time.

Lexie stated, "It's really sad. It's empty. It's a lot quieter...lonelier I guess."

The Love family says it will take everybody to stand up to put an end to domestic violence but sadly, Sharon admits they won't be able to save every girl.