Governor Bob McDonnell is vetting candidates for the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors, but he's not giving clues as to which members of the embattled board will return after their terms end July 1.

The governor is thanking UVA's Board of Visitors and President Teresa Sullivan for their show of solidarity Tuesday, and says appointment decisions will come in the next few days.

Governor McDonnell took part in an education bill signing ceremony in Richmond Wednesday afternoon.  But the big question remains about higher education following Tuesday's reinstatement of President Sullivan.

The governor says he spoke to Sullivan and UVA Rector Helen Dragas after the board's unanimous vote.  He thanked them for the way they handled things Tuesday, and says his threat to fire the entire board if they didn't make a final decision obviously paid off.

But the governor is not saying if any of the board members are out as of July 1.

"I know a lot of people are going to have suggestions on how we might improve the system," McDonnell said.  "Everyone's free to do the after action report.  You always learn when you have these kinds of discussions.  I looked at it as not really any major battle for the heart and soul of UVA.  It was a disagreement within the family."

Governor McDonnell says the issues raised as reasons for the board forcing Sullivan out need to be addressed.  Among those issues are fundraising, efficiency, and technology.

The governor will get to replace two members of the board whose terms end July 1.  Two others, including Dragas, are eligible for reappointment.  The board meets next for a retreat on July 13.