A crowd of University of Virginia students, faculty, and alumni awaiting word outside the rotunda erupted in cheers at the announcement of President Teresa Sullivan's reinstatement.

Nearly 2,000 supporters on the lawn welcomed Sullivan back as president of the university.  She thanked them for their support and asked for their help to move forward together with the University of Virginia Board of Visitors.

The UVA community says Sullivan's reinstatement is reason to celebrate, but it's not a victory.

Second-year student Cassie Deleon said, "My university is getting back to what it needs to be."

"I think it's truly a momentous moment in our history - something we're going to look back on as a turning point.  I think that changed the way we're going as a school," said third-year student Alex Preve.

"It feels tremendous," said UVA Faculty Senate Chair George Cohen.  "I think it's just a great day for the University of Virginia.  We're so proud of what happened today and excited to go forward united and making the university better than ever. "

Cohen addressed the crowd with remarks titled "Standing Up for Our Principles" as the board of visitors was meeting on Tuesday.

Students and faculty presented Sullivan with a banner from Sunday's rally signed by her supporters.