A showdown to reinstate University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan is set for Tuesday night.

Monday night, there's a renewed call to support Sullivan ahead of the crucial UVA Board of Visitors meeting.   Sources say the board of visitors and Sullivan are still hashing out details on whether she will actually make an appearance on Tuesday.  

Expect a similar scene on the lawn Tuesday as the board of visitors meets to discuss the controversial ousting of President Sullivan.     

In preparation, UVA Faculty Senate Chair George Cohen sent out a message saying, "President Sullivan's reinstatement is our focus for the next 36 hours."     

He's also calling on people to show up 30 minutes before the board meeting begins.  

In addition, the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees released a statement in support of reinstating Sullivan as UVA's president.

UVA fourth-year student Keziah Beall said, "She should be given enough time to really follow through on her policies and establish herself."

She says the past two weeks have been troubling. "It's tough because I like to think of this institution as something that's not political at all.  But clearly it is," said Beall.  

Three board members are calling Tuesday's meeting - Mac Caputo, Tim Robertson and Hunter Craig.  Sources say the three wouldn't have called the meeting unless they had the votes necessary to offer Sullivan her job back.     

With 15 members on the board, eight votes are needed to reinstate Sullivan.  The meeting will not be held behind closed doors, like last Monday's marathon meeting.  That means we'll hear all of the discussion between board members before any vote is taken.

Beall said, "This is really important to feel like everyone is aware of what's going on and they're being honest and open and visible."  

We are waiting for final details about Tuesday's meeting at the rotunda. But sources say the board is adamant about having the meeting in the board of visitor's room, which is a small room, limiting the number of people and cameras allowed inside.