The departure of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan has now forced the resignation of a top Darden School trustee. 

Chairman of the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees Peter Kiernan resigned Thursday after a leaked email correspondence to other board members showed he had direct knowledge of the plan to remove Sullivan weeks before it happened.

Darden School Dean Bob Bruner held an emergency faculty meeting Thursday to address the controversy.

"It's very clear that Peter had a number of discussions based on his personal relationships with those individuals, and he was not acting in his official capacity on behalf of the Darden School," said Darden School Foundation President Trip Davis.

At the Thursday afternoon faculty meeting, UVA Provost John Simon told the faculty he didn't think they'd ever know the board of visitors' reasons for ousting Sullivan.

Peter Kiernan's letter of resignation from the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees:

June 14, 2012

To the U.Va. Community,

As someone who has profound respect and love for the University of Virginia, I write to 
apologize for my role in further complicating the already difficult situation after Teresa 
Sullivan's resignation as president.

The content of my e-mail sent to the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees on Sunday, 
June 10, was confusing at a critical moment for the University and unfairly associated the 
Darden School with a situation in which it was not involved. No one from Darden — not the 
dean, nor the faculty, nor the administration, nor the Foundation Board — was involved. The 
conversations about President Sullivan's transition that I referred to in my e-mail were conducted through my own personal relationships and not in any official capacity.

So that my actions do not further impact Darden or the University community,  I am stepping 
down as chair of the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees and resigning from the board.

Exceptional work is happening at Darden and across the University. As evidenced in recent days, people across the community care deeply about this University and will no doubt ensure that U.Va.'s future will be as strong as its past. Once again, I apologize to Dean Bruner, and to all of my friends, colleagues and professors at the Darden School and the University of Virginia who have been affected by my actions

Peter D. Kiernan