Tuesday, George Huguely's defense team filed a new motion to dismiss the guilty verdict and have a new trial. 

Huguely was convicted in February of murdering University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love in May 2010. Click here for case background information

This is the second attempt by Huguely's attorneys to have the second-degree murder verdict set aside.  This time, the claim is that Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman violated the law.

The court filing says Chapman violated the Brady Law, which says the commonwealth must provide evidence to the defense that could impeach the credibility of a prosecution witness.  The defense says Chapman knew that Yeardley Love's mother, Sharon, and sister, Lexie, were going to file a civil lawsuit against Huguely and they should not have testified during the trial.

NBC29 Legal Expert Lloyd Snook said, "Given what I know of the way that the trial went, I doubt that it would have any real impact either way but that's their claim."

Chapman has until Friday to respond to Huguely's defense team's claims.  A decision about a new trial will happen on June 29.  Huguely himself will be sentenced in August 30.