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Earth Day Eco-Fair Showcases Ways to Live a Greener Life

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Environmentally friendly businesses are showcasing ways we all can live a greener lifestyle on this Earth Day. An Eco-Fair in Charlottesville on Sunday aimed to educate the community to create a more sustainable city.

While the thought of saving the entire planet is daunting, the groups say one small lifestyle change is all it takes. Businesses and non-profits joined forces inside the Main Street Arena with one goal - creating a greener, more sustainable Charlottesville.

"We're trying to educate everyone on how they can do their part, a million people doing one little thing is a lot better than one person doing absolutely everything they can," said event organizer Ari Daniels.

Earth week organizers encourage everyone to find one thing you can do to make a difference in the environment.

"One person can come in, exchange their candescent bulb for, LED's they can make a difference," said Charlottesville Earth Week's Jessica Glendinning.

But it's not just individuals that are making strides to save the environment, companies set up at Sunday's Eco-Fair are doing their part as well.

"We want to make sure we do everything possible in our local community to help sustain the environment and to help make issues slowly go away," said Allied Waste Services, David Aikman.

Allied Waste is the primary collector for the city of Charlottesville's curbside recycling. It is the company's mission to create a community that's as green as possible by 2025.

"Our goal is to educate people on what single stream recycling truly is and we know that we need to make sure that people separate their recyclable goods and put them in one container," said Aikman.

Single stream recycling is keeping food from mixing with household recycling. Organizers say that's the only way to ensure your recyclables aren't just sent to the landfill.

"That ultimately is going to keep less trash from landfills and allow products to be used again and again and again," said Aikman.

Earth week organizers say being eco-friendly doesn't have to be costly or time consuming, but they hope that each person will take away something they can do to better the environment.

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