Monday is the day George Huguely is set to find out when his fate will finally be decided.

In February, the University of Virginia lacrosse player was convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the killing of his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love.

On Monday the commonwealth and defense will meet with Judge Edward Hogshire to determine a date for sentencing.

Legal expert Lloyd Snook said, "The commonwealth wants it to be a relatively short sentencing and the defense wants it to be a much longer sentencing. They are apparently asking for a full day for sentencing and I expect there is going to be some disagreement on how long it ought to take and therefore how hard it will be to schedule."

The sentencing date is expected to be in late summer.

Judge Hogshire is unable to exceed the 26 years recommended by the jury - 25 for second degree murder and one year for the grand larceny charge.  However, he could suspend the year for the grand larceny charge or some of the time for the second degree murder charge.

Huguely is still being held at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Jail.