Court officials anticipated the George Huguely murder trial running two weeks, but they didn't count on a Saturday session and continuing into the following week. It all adds up to a big expense for you the taxpayer.

In adding up all the numbers, George Huguely's 12-day trial cost taxpayers approximately $32,000. Charlottesville City Spokesperson Ric Barrick said, "All in all, it was less expensive than we thought."

In overtime costs, the sheriff's office had to put out $5,812.94 for security to staff the courthouse. The commonwealth's attorney spent $20,044.14 on travel and hotels for witnesses and experts in the trial. But that does not include reimbursements which could run up to $4,000.

It cost the communications office $3,034.17 for the trial, mainly to setup a separate viewing location for the crush of media and people wanting to watch. "Most of the costs were centered around closed circuit television. But we were able to work with a local company to keep costs down," said Barrick.

The circuit court judge's office reports no extra costs because of the trial, the same with the court clerk. Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman said he couldn't count the number of hours his office has worked on the case.

At the end of the day, Barrick said, "The process went very smoothly. We learned a few things."

Meanwhile, Huguely's legal expenses - according to a prominent Charlottesville criminal defense attorney - will likely top at least $350,000. And we're not done with this case yet. Huguely will have a hearing next month to set a formal sentencing date. For now, he remains behind bars.