Former Charlottesville City Council Candidate James Halfaday pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to election fraud.

A grand jury recently indicted him on four counts of fraud. On Tuesday, a judge accepted a plea agreement that he would plead guilty to one charge and the others would be null processed.

The agreement only charges Halfaday for falsification of paperwork that specifically included the disclaimer/warning of prosecution for falsification. Prosecutors say he used a false address in Charlottesville when he certified his candidacy for Charlottesville City Council.

Documents dealing with the financial aspect of Halfaday's campaign will be handled separately. He has a chance to amend the paperwork he previously filed with the election board.

A pre-sentencing investigation is now underway in order to provide a pre-sentence report to the judge.

Halfaday's sentencing hearing will be held on July 5. He could face up to 10 years in prison.

As a convicted felon, Halfaday would no longer have the right to run for office or possess a firearm.