Following a day off, the defense is expected get back to work Friday morning in the George Huguely murder trial.  Huguely is accused of murder in the 2010 death of his ex-girlfriend, UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love.

Thursday, Rhonda Quagliana - one of Huguely's lawyers - was ill.  At 9:30 a.m., Judge Edward Hogshire delayed court until 12:30.  At 12:30 he announced that the trial was cancelled for the day.  Expect a long day of testimony from experts as the defense makes up for lost time. 

Fran Lawrence, another one of Huguely's attorney, described Quagliana's illness as "a battery of things."   Lawrence says he's "hopeful" for Friday.

Lawrence and prosecutors did spend about two hours Thursday afternoon debating jury instructions.  That's the set of legal rules that jurors should follow when deciding the case.  There will be more than two dozen.

Sources told NBC29 that the defense was expected to rest its case Thursday.  Even with the delay, Judge Hogshire said in Charlottesville Circuit Court the defense was supposed to conclude a large part of the case Thursday.  He hoped to get the case to the jury ahead of the weekend.

At this point, the defense has put two witnesses on the stand. It's unclear how many witnesses they will call for the case.  Court will start at 9:00 Friday morning.