For the dozen jurors charged with deciding the fate of George Huguely, there are dozens more who were considered, but dismissed.

Kiersten Kaufman, one of the potential jurors in the Huguely murder trial said, "There is no real time off without affecting someone else's schedule."

That schedule could have been seriously disrupted if Wild Wings Café manager Kiersten Kaufman had to go at least two weeks without serving up wings, and sit on a jury.

"I didn't really want that personal attention, honestly," she said. Not to mention the frenzy of coverage surrounding the Huguely trial is tough to ignore in a place like this.

"We have, I think, 34 TVs that are scrolling sports and news and current events and trying to keep my focus off of that would have been difficult," she said.

The former University of Virginia volleyball player dealt directly with athletes and alcohol abuse, a trending topic in testimony.

"This was personally affecting to me in very many ways. So independent of being a potential juror, I was interested, you know, personally," added Kaufman.

For Jim Nix also one of the potential jurors, not serving on the high-profile case was simply luck of the draw.

"She called 2...0 and then she said 6. And, you know, my heart sort of stopped for a minute after the 2-0," explained Nix.

Number 207, Nix, handed down the verdict for the Barry Bowles murder trial just a few weeks ago. Now he feels for those making the call in this case.

"It would be wrenching to hear some of the testimony and to hear it from the people who were, you know, closely involved. It must be painful to watch all of that," said Nix.

Relieved and back to work, Kaufman admits it would have been tough for her, but tougher for everyone else in that courtroom.

Kaufman said, "You kind of lose sight of the fact that there's a mother and a father and a family grieving over this entire situation that's so tragic."

Kaufman and Nix were dismissed before an official interview. Both of them mentioned the overwhelming media attention as a deterrent for some of the potential jurors and said they were surprised there is this much hype around the trial.